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Columbia river fishing guides fish the state of Oregon for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and other popular fish like Halibut Tuna Shad Walleye Bass ant trophy trout at popular Central Oregon lakes.

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Big Fish Guide Service

Josh Frederick


Brent Lamm's Guide Service

Brent Lamm


Chinook Guide Service Dave Steele


Dave Maroon Fishing Guide Service

Dave Maroon


Double G Fishing

Gary Geis


Don Kinsey Fishing Guide Service

Don Kinsey


Fly By Nyte Guide Service



Gary Lewis Guide Service

Gary Lewis


Guide Service Northwest

Brad Hadfield


JB Guides

Jeff Knotts


Mah-Hah Outfitters

Steve Fleming


Master Guides Fishing

Jody Mather


Northwest Sturgeon Adventures

Charlie Foster


Northwest Hawg Hunters

Bill Gaither


Northwest Sturgeon Adventures

Charlie Foster


Pat Abel Fishing Guide Service

Pat Abel


Scotty's Fishing Guide Service

Scott Worsley


The Oregon Angler

Todd Hannah


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Oregon fishing guides catch Sturgeon Salmon & Steelhead
Plus Walleye Bass Halibut Tuna Bottom Fish and more!

How to catch sturgeon is a big subject and local area Oregon fishing guides know how to catch sturgeon. The area below Bonneville dam the Dalles pool are both good areas for retention fishing of sturgeon and salmon on the Columbia River. Shad fishing is not as popular as salmon fishing or sturgeon fishing but they do get a good fight and lots of people like to bring the whole family out to the Columbia River or the Willamette River to catch daily limits or size limits and Shad.
Fishing for walleye slows down during certain times of the urine and bass fishing. The Willamette River fishing guides in the Willamette River salmon fishing guides fish for Shad also because Willamette River sturgeon fishing it's good near the Clackamas River Inlet and all up and down the river. Oftentimes bass are caught where the Sandy River comes into the Columbia River area Oregon fishing guides know how to catch them all.


     Oregon fishing guides Oregon fly fishing guides Oregon Salmon fishing guides Oregon Steelhead fishing guides Oregon Sturgeon fishing guides.
     The Columbia River offers premiere opportunities to fish for Salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, shad and a variety of warmwater species. Management of the river and its fisheries is a responsibility shared by state, federal and tribal agencies. The overarching management objective is to meet conservation requirements while providing optimum sport and commercial fishing opportunities.
     Almost 400,000 steelhead swam up the lower Columbia River last year before September. An avid fisherman who book a trip with an Oregon fishing guide stand a very good chance of catching lots of the steelhead.
     Pacific Ocean is good for Salmon fishing and many Oregon salmon fishing charters offer full day trips at affordable prices. Ilwaco is a very popular Salmon fishing destination. The areas that are further north also offer great halibut fishing bottomfishing fishing for lingcod and Salmon. Oregon fishery managers suggest that new clients or fisherman who were new to the area go out with a fishing guide to learn the popular tactics and to learn how to catch salmon in Oregon. Going summer Chinook fisheries above Bonneville dam and sockeye fishing above the highway 395 are often not affected by some closures.

Guide Service Northwest
Brad Hadfield of “Guide Service Northwest” has been fishing the Columbia & Willamette Rivers for 20+ years.  His years of experience have given him the expertise needed for fishing Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead.  Brad fishes the Columbia River from the Ocean to Bonneville dam depending on where the fish are, so you can be assured a great experience!
Brad will give you the best possible chance to catch Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead and he'll take the time to answer your questions about fishing popular Northwest rivers. After spending a day with GSN you will have a great knowledge about how to fish the Columbia River, the Willamette River or other popular Northwest fisheries.


Willamette River Fishing Guides In Portland, Oregon

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